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  • cobweb


    For reaching and sweeping without a stool. Collects cobwebs in stairwells, ceiling corners and other high areas. Untrimmed natural broom corn sweep plated onto a lightweight wooden handle...

    From: $29.00
  • round-broom

    Traditional Round

    The Traditional Round Broom is a European style broom with a wooden handle. Sweeps clean cracks and crevices.  It is a great broom for use in corners and around table and chair legs. A v...

    From: $39.00
  • Witch's Broomstick

    Witch’s Broom Stick

    Unique one-of-a-kind handle (more suitable for riding with a comfort hand grip). Full round sweep used in Wiccan Handfasting Ceremonies.

    Our handm...

    From: $49.00
  • Natural Bottom

    Hearth Broom

    A fireside broom that is small enough to hang along-side tools used in a fireplace. Broom has a narrower sweep for use in and around the fireplace. This broom is also handy in a car, boat...

    From: $39.00
  • cabin-broom

    Cabin Broom

    A colonial broom design with a shorter handle for easier storage. Broom sweep is full size. A working broom that is ideal for small rooms. Wooden handles are made from several different s...

    From: $49.00
  • childs-broom

    Childs Broom

    The Child’s Broom is a smaller version of the Kitchen Broom for children. It’s shorter handle fits a youngster’s height and allows children to help out with routine chores. Bottom w...

    From: $46.00
  • Small Kitchen

    Small Kitchen Broom

    The small kitchen broom has the same wide, useable sweep as the larger version. It still sweeps a large open area with ease. The small kitchen broom is a great broom for cabins, offices o...

    From: $56.00
  • Kitchen Broom

    Kitchen Broom

    The kitchen broom has a wide sweep sewn flat (approximately 16 inches). It sweeps clean a large open area with ease. A kitchen broom’s sweep has two layers of broom corn with shoulders ...

    From: $56.00
  • Full-Sweep

    Full Sweep

    The Full Sweep is a thicker, heavier, sturdier broom for sweeping uneven floors. A working broom that is great on a wooden floor or a rough surface. The stiffer bristle goes deep into gro...

    From: $66.00
  • Man's Porch Broom

    Man’s Porch Broom

    A Man’s Porch Broom has a large full sweep. It is a broom big enough for a man! The Porch Broom is great for sweeping out a garage or cleaning off a deck. It is also big enough to shoo ...

    From: $76.00