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  • Golf Brush


    Keep this brush handy in a golf cart. Use the stiff end of the brush to clean mud from cleats in golf shoes. The brush end is used to sweep dust from golf club heads.

    From: $8.35
  • Clothes Brush

    Remove leaf matter, snow, lint or dandruff with a broom corn brush. Short spot remover bristles located on end of handle. This brush is small enough to pack in an overnight bag.

  • Crumb Brush


    A crumb brush sweeps clean a kitchen counter top. It is a handy tool for nooks, corners and crevices. The brush is sewn round to give extra stiffness in the sweep. The small...

  • Kitchen Utility Brush

    A crumb brush on one end to sweep clean a kitchen counter top. Pot Scrubber on the other end. Also a great tool for cleaning the livestock water buckets in your barn. The brush is sewn ro...

  • Utility Brush

    A small, sturdy brush that has a multi purpose use for cleaning and scrubbing.  Great for cleaning dried material from your pant leg, sofa or car seat. Brush is sewn flat.