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  • Cobwebber

    For reaching and sweeping without a stool. Collects cobwebs in stairwells, ceiling corners and other high areas. Untrimmed natural broom corn sweep plated onto a lightweight wooden handle...

    From: $33.00
  • Full Sweep

    The Full Sweep is a thicker, heavier, sturdier broom for sweeping uneven floors. A working broom that is great on a wooden floor or a rough surface. The stiffer bristle goes deep into gro...

    From: $70.00
  • Man’s Porch Broom

    A Man’s Porch Broom has a large full sweep. It is a broom big enough for a man! The Porch Broom is great for sweeping out a garage or cleaning off a deck. It is also big enough to shoo ...

    From: $80.00