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  • Vegetable Brush

    A sturdy, small brush to clean dirt from your root vegetables when harvesting fresh out of the garden or when purchased from the grocery store. Scrubbing vegetables at harvest while usin...

  • Pot Scrubber

    Original pot scrubbers. Works superbly on cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. Not recommended for Teflon pans. Hang to drip dry after use.

    A treasure for those persons involved in ...

  • Corn Silker

    A slender, long-handled brush to clean the silks from your sweet corn. A brush on both ends. Made from broom corn. Wipe clean with damp paper towel.

  • Mushroom Brush

    A small brush to clean dirt from a mushroom or other delicate vegetables. Scrubbing vegetables at harvest while using no water helps prevent decay during storage.

    Clean with a damp...

  • Cake Tester

    From days gone by -Remember when Grandma would break a straw from the corner broom to test the doneness of a cake? Crafty version of straw testers. Each cake tester comes with a poem for ...

  • Golf Brush


    Keep this brush handy in a golf cart. Use the stiff end of the brush to clean mud from cleats in golf shoes. The brush end is used to sweep dust from golf club heads.

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  • Clothes Brush

    Remove leaf matter, snow, lint or dandruff with a broom corn brush. Short spot remover bristles located on end of handle. This brush is small enough to pack in an overnight bag.

  • Holy Water Sprinkler

    The Holy Water Sprinkler is an aspergillum (a brush used for sprinkling).  Natural broom corn sprinkler for the use of sprinkling holy water during ceremonial blessings.  Sprinkler has...

  • Crumb Brush


    A crumb brush sweeps clean a kitchen counter top. It is a handy tool for nooks, corners and crevices. The brush is sewn round to give extra stiffness in the sweep. The small...

  • Kitchen Utility Brush

    A crumb brush on one end to sweep clean a kitchen counter top. Pot Scrubber on the other end. Also a great tool for cleaning the livestock water buckets in your barn. The brush is sewn ro...

  • Whisk Broom

    Hand held whisk for sweeping crumbs from a counter top. A handy brush for use in the kitchen, office, work shop, boat or car. Broom corn stalks plaited on top of natural broom corn to cre...

    From: $17.00
  • Turkey Wing Whisk

    The Turkey Wing Whisk, Fanned Broom

    The broom corn is curved as it is added to form the handle of this decorative whisk.

    Fanned Turkey Wing Whisk – A gre...

    From: $18.00
  • Turkey Wing Whisk

    Turkey Wing Whisk, Functional Broom

    A traditional whisk boom used by Benjamin Franklin to promote the turkey as the National Bird to Congress in 1782. The broom co...

    From: $18.00
  • Hawk Tail Whisk

    This brush has a sturdy sweep that is designed like the fan of a Hawk’s tail. The broom corn is added in layers to build the handle thickness. A great brush to clean the snow off of you...

    From: $18.00
  • Utility Brush

    A small, sturdy brush that has a multi purpose use for cleaning and scrubbing.  Great for cleaning dried material from your pant leg, sofa or car seat. Brush is sewn flat.

  • Percussion Brush (Pair)

    A distinctive Drum Brush of natural fiber for a penetrating, earthy sound. Percussionist’s brush can be purchased as a single drum brush or as a set.

    Our handmade products a...

    From: $18.00
  • Painter’s Brush

    A stiff bristled paint brush for the artist.  Brush fiber has natural bristles made of broomcorn.  A specialty brush to perform the task at hand.

    Available in various widths.

    From: $7.95
  • Cobwebber

    For reaching and sweeping without a stool. Collects cobwebs in stairwells, ceiling corners and other high areas. Untrimmed natural broom corn sweep plated onto a lightweight wooden handle...

    From: $33.00
  • Traditional Round

    The Traditional Round Broom is a European style broom with a wooden handle. Sweeps clean cracks and crevices.  It is a great broom for use in corners and around table and chair legs. A v...

    From: $43.00
  • Witch’s Broom Stick

    Unique one-of-a-kind handle (more suitable for riding with a comfort hand grip). Full round sweep used in Wiccan Handfasting Ceremonies.

    Our handm...

    From: $49.00
  • Hearth Broom

    A fireside broom that is small enough to hang along-side tools used in a fireplace. Broom has a narrower sweep for use in and around the fireplace. This broom is also handy in a car, boat...

    From: $45.00
  • Cabin Broom

    A colonial broom design with a shorter handle for easier storage. Broom sweep is full size. A working broom that is ideal for small rooms. Wooden handles are made from several different s...

    From: $53.00
  • Childs Broom

    The Child’s Broom is a smaller version of the Kitchen Broom for children. It’s shorter handle fits a youngster’s height and allows children to help out with routine chores. Bottom w...

    From: $51.00
  • Small Kitchen Broom

    The small kitchen broom has the same wide, useable sweep as the larger version. It still sweeps a large open area with ease. The small kitchen broom is a great broom for cabins, offices o...

    From: $60.00
  • Kitchen Broom

    The kitchen broom has a wide sweep sewn flat (approximately 16 inches). It sweeps clean a large open area with ease. A kitchen broom’s sweep has two layers of broom corn with shoulders ...

    From: $60.00