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  • Vegetable Brush

    A sturdy, small brush to clean dirt from your root vegetables when harvesting fresh out of the garden or when purchased from the grocery store. Scrubbing vegetables at harvest while usin...

  • Pot Scrubber

    Original pot scrubbers. Works superbly on cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. Not recommended for Teflon pans. Hang to drip dry after use.

    A treasure for those persons involved in ...

  • Corn Silker

    A slender, long-handled brush to clean the silks from your sweet corn. A brush on both ends. Made from broom corn. Wipe clean with damp paper towel.

  • Mushroom Brush

    A small brush to clean dirt from a mushroom or other delicate vegetables. Scrubbing vegetables at harvest while using no water helps prevent decay during storage.

    Clean with a damp...

  • Cake Tester

    From days gone by -Remember when Grandma would break a straw from the corner broom to test the doneness of a cake? Crafty version of straw testers. Each cake tester comes with a poem for ...

  • Crumb Brush


    A crumb brush sweeps clean a kitchen counter top. It is a handy tool for nooks, corners and crevices. The brush is sewn round to give extra stiffness in the sweep. The small...