Unique Gift Ideas

Weather Vane Adds Character

North, South, East and West

A weather vane can add the finishing touches to a barn, garage or garden shed. This particular weather vane was designed for a high wind area on top of a West Virginia mountain.

A weather vane can carry a farm theme to the highest point on your property. It is a visible means of showing off your own unique style.

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Realtor’s Thank You Gift

Thank You!

A hand-tied Appalachian Broom makes a wonderful Thank You gift for the new home buying customer.

Sold A home? Pocket a commission check?

You need a unique new home gift! An Appalachian Style Broom is the best choice.

Several styles are available that fit the new home buyer’s needs.

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Garden Gate

A Gated Entrance

Gates can lead to private outdoor rooms or exotic pathways.

They have a mystery all there own.

They can invite a visitor down thru a winding herb garden or paved walkway to your front door.

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If the Broom Fits

Wiccan Handfasting

The besom is an important part of the Wiccan Handfasting Ceremonies. It’s origin began when there was much hatred toward witches. A broomstick was a common household item and therefore could not be used as evidence that a person was a witch.

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Door Knocker

Greet Your Guests with Style

A door knocker can show your own unique home’s style.

It is a first impression artwork that greets each visitor to your door.

The resounding knock alerts you to your guests’ arrival. Contact us for custom ideas.

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Brooms for All Seasons

A Broom for the Season

There are many uses for a broom … winter, spring, summer or fall.

The added uniqueness of a wall decorations is a bonus to owning a hand-tied Appalachian broom.

Brush the winter snow from your pant leg, remove a cobweb during spring cleaning, dust the pollen from your window sill or even sweep those colorful leaves from your porch.

A decorative broom is a home’s best friend.

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Customize It!

Chestnuts roasting over an open fire, popcorn popping from a cast iron skillet or stew bubbling in a dutch oven are all tasty aromas that can be enjoyed in a custom equipped Fireplace.

Trivets, toasters and a crane are just a few tools that can make the hearth a cherished cooking environment.

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Wedding Broom

Jump the Broom!

Welsh Traditions and African Ceremonies dating back to the 1600′s are still cherished today in weddings of various cultures.

Jumping the broom is a symbolic tradition of couples devoting their new life together as husband and wife.

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